Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

Ninben Dashi Bar

We order coffee, tea, juice or whatever is available at a coffee shop, but a cup of broth (Not soup, it’s a clear broth with lots of Umami) is not normally on the menu.

I sometimes feel like drinking a cup of clear broth with a bit of salt or soy sauce to taste especially when I am slightly hungry, but not craving solid food. Miso soup is a close call and it’s Japanese soul food, but sometimes it isn’t really what I want.

I thought the only person who understood my wish was All Nippon Airways. Consommé soup is available among coffee, tea, soda and juice on their airplane.

Finally, I can have a cup of clear broth on the ground

Recently I learned there was a place that fulfills my wish in Tokyo. It’s called Dashi Ba (“dashi” means broth, “Ba” means a place in English). The company behind this place is Ninben. Ninben has over 300 years of history-making bonito flakes and other seasonings. You may hear the word “umami” on the food network. Ninben is specialized in that field.

At Dashi Bar, you can have a cup of broth for ¥100. They have a broth and rice cracker snack combo and some light, healthy lunch. It’s located in Nihonbashi in Tokyo where not only the place of origin of sushi but flourished as a center of commerce and culture from the Edo era. They now have branches in Haneda Airport and the Isetan department store in Bangkok.

I still have to get on a plane from where I live, but when I have a chance I’ll definitely pop in.

So, when you are in the area and tired of coffee or tea, a cup of broth may be just what you want.

If interested, you can learn more about Ninben and Nihonbashi area.