Washable and replaceable signs like taking off socks

Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

” Is it possible to design cleanliness? ” That was a question the designers asked themselves at Hara Design Institute.

Umeda Hospital is an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Japan. They have a washable sign system. It was designed over ten years ago, but all signs are crisp and fresh still now because they are washable and can be replaced easily at a low cost.

The reason first-rate restaurants use white tablecloths is to point out to patrons that service includes first-rate cleanliness. Just as in these establishments, in a hospital, cleanliness indicates service. We go on to identify something that creates a sense of both trust and security. All the signs are easily laundered and changed…like taking off socks.

There is definitely tough competition in the maternity medical field. Probably because it is a kind of situation that patients can plan ahead unlike illnesses or injuries. The average number of children per family in Japan has been declining over several decades, so new parents-to-be can explore better options for possibly once or twice a lifetime experience.

Umeda Hospital aims to be baby and parents-friendly. They provide all kinds of support during and after pregnancy such as education classes, yoga and exercise classes, children’s events, and child day-care for both hospital staff and patients. With its services and the unique sign system, the hospital creates a clean yet soft and welcoming atmosphere throughout the facility.