Case Study – Logo Renewal Part 2 – Brainstorming and Visualizing the Ideas

Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

In the last post, I introduced the outline of our logo renewal project.
Today I’ll be talking about our conceptualizing process.

We start by studying the information we gathered from the client and information we researched by ourselves about the industry, market, regional characteristics, etc. It’s always good to start without any preconceived ideas or impressions.


Once we absorb all the information, it’s time for brainstorming. We pick a pen and paper but don’t yet start drawing. We list up keywords that are related to what we studied. The keywords can be verbs, nouns or adjectives. We explore possibilities and examine restrictions. We then come up with possible directions with selected keywords. Usually, we explore three to four design directions.

memo - brainstorming

Design exploration

Now we start drawing (or rather doodling) respectively. This is probably the most fun part of the process for us. We explore the possibilities now with visual and output ideas on paper as much as possible, but (this is important) within the directions we chose. Having keywords makes this process easier and more productive.

Finding potentials for further development

We now have second brainstorming with thumbnails in our hands. When we look at each other’s thumbnails, sometimes one has to ask the other politely, “What is this thing?” then the other patiently explains the grand concept behind the doodle, no hurt feelings… We choose design concepts (typically three to four) that have the potential for further development.

Once the design concepts have been chosen, we continue working with hands to draw further details and create elements to be scanned or start working on digital format.

In the next post, you will see our presentation process and conclusion. Please check back later for Part 3.